Thursday, November 21, 2013

Best Covered Song of the Moment - Royals by Lorde


I tell you when a song makes its rounds through covers, you know we've got a hit.
I cam across a couple of outta this world covers of the lovely 'Royals' song by Lorde so I thought to share with you
I am still trying to get over this little boy's rendition
Check on it below

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I will be sharing with W4 on 'Branding and Social Media' on Sept 28, 2013

W4 stands for World Wide Web Worship. Its an online Conference for the global community of Musicians and Worship leaders. Their aim is global Impact.
I will be sharing with the W4 audience on 'Branding and Social Media' on Sept 28, 2013
Its the 2nd edition and over 30 Top Gospel Musicians from around the world and 2 non music guests will be joining in. ...

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Worship Leaders, Recording Artistes, Producers, Singers and Songwriters, Spoken Word Ministers, Mimers and Dancers, Instrumentalists are all welcome

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Season 2- The Online Worship Leaders and Musicians Conference coming up on Sept 27-28 from (6pm=6pm GMT+1)

THEME ABLAZE- Its GMT- Gospel Musicians Take-over) time


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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Artist - So you wanna get reviewed?

As a freelance and independent A & R, I get a lot of requests to review a song/songart before it is released. This blog is my official site of submission and publication if I choose to. Send all music/video/mixtape review submissions, advertisement and promotion inquiries to

For music submissions, send EPK:

  • Soundcloud or Hulkshare Song/Album link
  • Artist Name/Brief Bio/Contact Info
  • High Quality Pic of Artist
  • Album Artwork in JPEG or PNG
  • Twitter Handle/Facebook Page

For video submissions, send:

  • Youtube link
  • Artist Name/Brief Bio/Contact Info
  • High Quality Pic of Artist
  • Album Artwork in JPEG or PNG
  • Twitter Handle/Facebook Page

I regularly review albums/mixtapes/videos by indie/mainstream artists. There is a non-refundable fee of $20 for a 1 paragraph (250 word) that goes to my charity of choice in Nigeria - 'Show of Talents by The Disabled' (Promo video - ( If you are in the US or UK, you can pay via PayPal to, for artists based in Nigeria N5,000 per song to the 'Show of Talents by The Disabled' account nos that will be emailed to you),

Update: It will also be given to 'Adopt A Guitar Inc' , a new non profit that donates guitar to talented less privileged. I am all about social responsibility.

The fee is for my time, expert review and exposure to my network  and the review will be sent to you and shared with my network of industry professionals. There is no guarantee that I will like your music or a label signing will result from my review/posting!! but you will get a honest review and sometimes further advice of future productions or tweaking of the lyrical or musical direction of the song submitted where applicable.

Years of personal music and review writing experience, connections and goodwill are my values. I have great ears for music and I will honestly deliver your review.

Twitter @tosinger

Friday, February 17, 2012

This week's Tip- Budget

Creating a budget for a new album means figuring out not only how much money you’ll need, but also how much time it will take from your first rehearsal to release day. - Camero Mizell

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's Tip - "Videotape and audiotape your performances and set out to learn from every one of them" ~ Micah Solomon

Singer Anwar Robinson 
(March 1, 2010 - Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hello Friends,
So I just released a single off my 'Finally' EP scheduled to be out in January of 2012 (just round the corner). It's an inspirational project with songs that have a soulful, African and contemporary edge to it. The single out now is tagged 'Baba's Love' .I obviously (hands on face :)) can't review myself so I was glad when my colleague in the industry, a blatantly honest music reviewer and producer, London's Peter-Ben Femi Anifalaje  decided to pick it up. Was I nervous? Naaaaaaaaaaaa :)
So here's what Femi has to say about Baba's Love, wanna share with y'all-
From the very first lead guitar solo and Tosinger's voice eventually coming in on Baba's Love, your mind races back to the 80s vocals of Shade Adu, Tina Turner, Mandy Brown Ojugbana and the likes, to African music, to ethereal musical pads and to Middle Eastern themes but as soon as the song moves along, you realize this is a different song from your initial pre-conceptions.

After the initial chants of Baba O (which sounds rather oddly Americanized) on the vamp over guitar chords and horn stabs, the vamp talks about the magnitude of the Father's love and how much the singer is overwhelmed by it. This leads into the first verse and you kind of get the place where Tosinger is coming from.

Baba's Love is simply a song about God's love and the verses tell the narrative very well with the music complementing. Regular injections of stabs, flutes, lead guitar solos, horn licks and more complement the narrative beautifully. It points you back to all that God does and how it stems from His love for us.

The chorus introduces a twist to the musical arrangement and takes you back to Africa. Infact, the melody is quite nostalgic. I am not sure if it's a song I already know but you kinda feel like that and want to sing along (if you understand what exactly is being said i.e "Titilai ni o ma yin o"-> "I will praise you forever"). It's pure dejavu.

The vamp comes in again (and the Baba chants feels less odd this time around. Maybe I have just been sucked into the song) The second verse mirrors the first but tells more of the narrative and brings a far more personal perspective to her relationship with the Father.This leads again to the amazingly nostalgic chorus.

One thing is I wish the chorus (sang in the Yoruba Language) was done many more times than it was done and given a sense of climax, maybe some modulations or some key changes and Tosinger's voice sounding much bigger at this point or riding over bigger (inverted) BGVs (background vocals). The song keeps sucking you in and you want more but it leaves you hanging.

Overall, Baba's Love by Tosinger is an amazing song. One that should get you into that praise mood. The chorus is definitely one that will stay with me for a long time.

Enjoy Baba's Love . Thanks

Baba's Love ~ Tosinger by Tosinger

More about Femi -

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi guys, so I absolutely love content in music too, not just melodies and harmonies (is that not a given?:) )...lyrics that inspire, lyrics that motivate,lyrics that encourage ...and then the icing on the cake, when the song also has a sweet tone, sweet and well delivered vocals, sweet yeah..if you allow me to use that expression.........
'I have a Dream' has been on repeat since the first day I heard it, just listen through..I just love the simplicity of it, the tune, the need to understand the depth of what he's singing..listen beyond 'the fancy car' ..............
So here, I put on the table "I have a Dream" by young upcoming inspirational rock/soul singer/songwriter gentleman of a person with an infectious heart for God...sweet spirit..
This song has helped me through my own personal creative process of putting my EP together, now is the time..dream becoming my reality.. As PITA says here " I'm tired of dreaming, I want reality"..What is your reality?  What is your raison d'etre?........
From Lagos, Nigeria, PITA says his mission is to "meaningfully contribute to the music industry with his unique fusion of African hooks alternative rock-filled gospel. His Vision: To create a positive impact, through his music ,on the lives of everyone it touches, drawing each closer to God" Nice one Pita!
Lovely people, enjoy this lovely song 'I have a Dream' by PITA. PITA just recently released his album tagged 'As I Am'..Like him/read more about him =>PITA ON FACEBOOK.
Stay tuned next week, as I serve another inspirational song that has helped me through my musical creative journey in recent times.
Love, Peace and Beautiful Music,